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Client Engagement
Powerful Analytics
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Useful Analytics

ZeroIMAGES makes it easy to track clients behaviour for your organization's online digital media

Multiple File Support

Support for most file types for images, videos, music and presentations to suit the need of any type of user.

Micro Logs

Tracking of the movement of users across your platform and the automatic generation of comprehensive, real time reports and graphs.

Intelligent Classification

Dynamic classification of users into different categories.

Extensive Documentation

Extensive documentation provided for clients in the use and application of the functionality of the platform and the interpretation of the reports.

Data Analytics

Sophisticated analytics allowing you to identify patterns in the behaviour of visitors and their specific interests and needs.

Innovative Design

An innovative design which combines effectiveness with simplicity to allow for ease of client use.

Mobile and Tablet Support

Tablet and mobile friendly design, ideal for clients on the move.

Myriad of Colours

A wide range of eye pleasing pictures to choose from or upload your own.

Great Customer Support

Expert Customer Support always ready to solve any issue of the customer.